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What is your definition of Network Security?

The question centered around network security is a challenging one to answer – there seems to be different viewpoints on the best method and design model to follow.  Make no mistake, the concept is a complex and challenging one to implement and and even harder to maintain.  Dependent on your role, your vantage point may be different and thus you may see network security has a different priorty level.

Understanding network security is not only centered around architecture, there are a number of groups involved as well.

Effective network security begins, succeeds and yes can fail if you have the wrong team responsible for it.  Establishing the IT Support staff is a challenge for many reasons, but the most obvious is that non technical people can speak the IT language.  Yes, there are those who can speak a little bit (these are the same people who are smart enough to be dangerous), similar to speaking a foreign language they pick up bits and pieces and claim to be experts.

Once you have the right team, trusting them to bring in the right architecture is the next step.  This will be based on the team’s preferences and current security state of the organization.  Now, once the architecture is in place doesn’t mean you are done.  Just as network threats continue to evolve, network security must also evolve forward to prevent attacks.  Be it internet filters solutions, email and spam filters, anti-malware or changes in business side applications, network security should be a priority and should be evaluated constantly.  Your architecture should have a reporting scheme that provides you effective information that you can make adjustments and see the value of your network security decisions both in architecture and support personnel.

As part of the review of your organization’s, the end-users should be considered.    It is important to remember they are part of the reason the IT support team is there.  Not only because they can be responsible for some of the network security threats, but more because their productivity is a key function of the organization’s success.  your network security design should include a role based permission design.  We are long passed the days of an all or nothing netowrk resource availability.  Knowing the roles of the organization and it’s team members can be very useful to the IT Support team.  Following that flow, permissions can be established that provide the necessary resources to specific end-users, while limiting their access to other resources which have no impact on their productivity.

What we are building up to is the one aspect everyone forgets or takes for granted… Philosophy and Effective Education on the dangers of the lack of online network security and how it impacts you and those around you.  Knowing your environment is very important.  Being proactive about how to secure the environment and educating your users on the dangers of online resources is key to making your organization’s network resources available, your personnel productive, and customers satisfied.


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